Laura Nelson


I’m interested in the parallels between natural and artistic processes and the psychology at work in art-making. For me it’s about levels of expression, creativity and consciousness. I like the themes and aesthetics of fragility, transience, growth and change. I want my art to represent and expand upon the path I travel in life; both the simple and complex routes, the repeating patterns, the failures, the unpredictability of it all. What is progress? What marks does living leave behind? How do we move forward, adapt and survive?

Artist profile from ‘The Dice: Studying Chance in Fine Art’
“Balls of raw cotton, strings of clear silicone and fenugreek seed sprouts are not what you ordinarily think of as a sculptors medium, but Laura Nelson is not an ordinary sculptor. She doesn’t limit her vision to tradition but uses it as a jumping off point to open the doors for aleatoric experimentation. The objects and materials Nelson uses to create her one of a kind sculptures transform in her hands thus the environment becomes her canvas and everything therein, her palette. Still her subtle use of colour and delicate attention to detail produce natural and understated abstractions of graceful serenity.”

Featured in Publications:
The Landscape of Being (2012) ebook by Agency Publishing
Aleatoric Art in the 21st Century, A Study of Chance in Contemporary Fine Art


BA (Hons) Fine Art

Falmouth University,